Character and Animal Rigs

Brandon smith rig golem

Trash golem! Because of his bendy arms and unique appendages, he got his own rig.

Concept by: Pete Lazarski
Model/Texture by: Me

Brandon smith rig person

A general-purpose biped rig. No actual characters had been skinned onto it at the time so I put some basic shapes in there.

Brandon smith rig dog

A general-purpose quadruped rig skinned to a scraggly dog.

Concept by: Bryan Williams
Model by: Dillon Guscott

Brandon smith rig alligator

For efficiency, I used the same quadruped rig from the dog on an alligator.

Model by: Pete Lazarski

Showcase of the three main rigs. I left the alligator out because it uses the same rig as the dog.

Some character and animal rigs I made for an unannounced project. First time learning and using Blender as well. What a hoot of a program.