Tyriss's Custom Hair (MHW Mod)

Brandon smith tyriss hair
Brandon smith tyriss hairmove

Jiggle bones for the hair, cowlicks, and bow!

Brandon smith tyriss armor

The person who uses this hair also uses an altered version of the fox ear mod, so here it is together

Brandon smith tyriss hair compare

Comparison of my hair and the original. The ponytail required a complete re-rig and re-weight and most of the hair was adjusted to be a bit messier. The rope was removed and replaced with a new bow.

Here's a hairstyle I modified/created for someone to mimic their original character in Monster Hunter: World. It has unique physics and collision, a new bow, and an altered version of my fox ear mod to have smaller, red tufts.
Special thanks to those in the modding community:
+ AsteriskAmpersand for his Blender plugins, material editor, experience, and assistance for all my questions.
+ JodoZT for creating the nochunk tool and .tex-to-.dds converter.
+ Karbon for being the pioneer of MHW physics and collision files.