Fox Ears+Tail (Physics-Driven MHW Mod)

Brandon smith foxears tailwag

Tail and ear movement are completely physics-driven. No animation is applied here.

Brandon smith foxears two tier

I rigged the ears to have two layers of physics. The main body of the ears and hair have very little effect to wind, while the ends of the hair have high effect to wind.

Brandon smith tail collison 1

Collision file research led to better application of physics. Here I covered the thighs and calves in large spheres so the tail wouldn't clip through.

Brandon smith ss 02

Cutscene shots of the fox ears and tail

Brandon smith ss 03

A separate version of the mod puts the ears in the hairstyles rather than an armor slot. This is not only convenient but also has a side effect of decorating minor NPCs as well.

Brandon smith ss 04

The tail and ears are on the waist armor slot, so many helmet armors fit quite nicely with minimal or no clipping.

Brandon smith ss 01

Hair is dyeable to suit any hunter's cosmetic needs!

Brandon smith kitsune blender

The whole setup in Blender that gets assigned to the waist slot. The purpose of the legs bones is to attach colliders and the spine actually goes all the way up to the head, which allows for ears to move along with it.

Brandon smith kitsune blender weights

Example of ear weights. I start by assigning a gradient down the whole ear for the primary movement. Then I select the outer edges of every hair plane and use weight assignment as I shrink the selection to get a gradient out.

Goofing off and wanting to play with physics behavior more in Monster Hunter: World, I decided to make this fox ear/tail mod. The ears have two-tier physics and the tail reacts to its own movement in a subtle way, giving the appearance of it wagging. There is no animation in this mod. It also works on male characters!

Special thanks to those in the modding community:
+ AsteriskAmpersand for his assistance in my research and making the .ctc/.ccl Blender plugins as a result. He also made a script to batch-combine the ears and hairstyles!
+ JodoZT for creating the nochunk tool and converter.
+ Karbon for being the pioneer of MHW physics and collision files.
Check the mod out here: