MHW Mod - Tharja

Brandon smith thar ss 7

Tharja in the character selection screen.

Brandon smith thar idle

Animated version to show off the magic slinger.

Brandon smith tharja color

Showing off dye capability for further customization.

Brandon smith thar arm

Close-up of slinger. I used a panning waterfall material as a base for its texture and refraction. The pulsing outline and flame effects were made by my fellow modding friend, Crimson.

Brandon smith tharja grapple

Magic grapple replacement to match the slinger.

Brandon smith thar ss 2
Brandon smith thar ss 6
Brandon smith camilla lod

Like Camilla (reused image here), I put outline meshes in different stages of LOD to mimic camera-distance based line thickness.

Brandon smith thar thicken 1

The original model is very slender, while Monster Hunter's characters are fairly stocky. I had to beef her up a bit to fit the rig better instead of touching the rig and messing up the IK.

Brandon smith thar thicken 2

Side view of re-sizing comparison.

Brandon smith ctc spring 400px

.CTC hex editing research: Found a float value that adjusts damping. This gif shows it set to 0, making it super springy.

Brandon smith ctc speed 400px

.CTC hex editing research: Found a float value that tells the jigglebone chains how quickly to react to movement (unaffected by wind).

Brandon smith ctc nograv nowind 400px

.CTC hex editing research: Found wind and gravity values. By setting them to 0 along with pose snapping, we can get zero-gravity effects!

Brandon smith thar compare

Showing off the effect of object-space vertex color on the model that the material uses to properly shade the hair.

Brandon smith thar hairfix

An example of bad weight paint gradients for hair compared to good.

Brandon smith weight gradient1

A diagram on how to get good, consistent results on weight painting gradients in Blender.

Brandon smith weight gradient2

A diagram on how to get good, consistent results on weight painting gradients in Blender.

Showcase by the wonderful MH streamer and speedrunner, CantaPerMe

My second Monster Hunter: World mod, from Fire Emblem: Warriors. Comes complete with a unique magic slinger. I used this model to research the .ctc physics file and to practice weight painting. I found wind parameters, damping, gravity, and pose retention values. Special thanks to those in the modding community:
+ AsteriskAmpersand for his Blender plugin, material editor, experience, and assistance for all my questions.
+ Crimson for the slinger particle effects.
+ JodoZT for creating the nochunk tool and converter.
+ Karbon for being the pioneer of mhw physics and collision files.
+ KuroKairaku for ripping the Tharja model.
Check the mod out here: